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Italian cuisine is so much more than just pasta and pizza. Join us on a gastronomic journey—from handmade gelato, to the finest produce from Italy’s Basilicata region, to the most exotic ingredients from around the world. And if you’re after a taste of tradition, we also offer over 100 varieties of pasta with different recipes to choose from. Along with personal chefs to plan, cook and impress your family and friends at your private parties.
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Polare offers artisanal ice cream that’s made from the finest ingredients from Italy.

A treat for the kids and more
With a cute bear to represent the brand, Polare is a sure hit with kids and adults alike!

Have it on the spot. Or at home.
If you can’t resist a scoop of Polare ice cream, you’re more than welcome to enjoy it right in the shop. And for those who wish to savour it at home, we offer take-away pints as well.

Only the choicest ingredients from Italy go into every scoop of Sottozero ice cream.

A fitting name
Sottozero means ‘sub zero’ in Italian, and promises a frozen treat for all your senses.

Indulge yourself
Be spoilt for choice with an array of delectable ice cream flavours from Sottozero—all available in take-away pints for your convenience.

Lucus in Tabula specialises in bringing you the best produce from the Basilicata region in southern Italy.

From farm to feast
Whether you’re looking for olive oil, wines, cheese or cured meats, Lucus in Tabula offers authentic gourmet food from the Basilicata region. Unsure of what to get? Simply approach the staff and they’ll be more than happy to recommend you a selection.

About Basilicata
The cuisine of Basilicata draws its influence from the region’s geographical location, with ingredients such as flavourful home-grown vegetables and fresh seafood from the coast.

For a touch of personal cooking, Casa Cuisine offers private chefs for your dinner functions.

Have it your way
Looking to impress family, friends and business partners at your private function? Our experienced chefs from Casa Cuisine are here to help you create a bespoke menu that’s sure to whet everyone’s appetite. And if you fancy a little cook-off, our chefs will even impart their culinary wisdom to your guests!

Bringing the finest to life
All ingredients are sourced from Lucus in Tabula, so you can rest assured that only the finest food is brought to life by our experienced chefs.

Like pasta? Then you’ll love Pasta & Basta, which features over 100 varieties of the hearty Italian fare.

Be spoilt for choice
Take your pick from over 100 different types of pasta. Or if you prefer, mix and match to your heart’s content. After that, there’s just the simple matter of deciding how you would like it prepared.

Only the best goes in
Only the finest wheat, eggs and other ingredients go into making our pasta, so regardless of your preference, you can be sure you’re having the best.

Italianeaties is dedicated to bringing you high-end gourmet ingredients from all over the world.

From the world to you
From oysters and caviar, to rare wines and vintage cheese, Italianeaties explores the corners of the world to bring you the choicest food for your indulgence.

Just a call or click away
Whether you’re looking for caviar to go with your belini, or a good bottle of red to complement your steak, all you need to do is make a call or visit us online and we’ll deliver it to you.

A gourmet pop-up store, PizzaPazza introduces authentic Italian fare to refined palates at the Singapore Grand Prix 2015.

Fast cars, beautiful people, and smokin' hot pizzas
Enjoy the adrenalin-pumping F1 action with a slice of prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella pizza in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other. Delizioso.

Ingredients with an excellent track record
From the buffalo mozzarella to the wine and soft drinks, everything that we offer comes from the glorious food haven of South Italy. This can only mean one thing: you’re tasting only the best.

Ciao F&B Group
Ciao F&B Group
As a pizzeria, cafe´, or family restaurant, Ciao is delighted to share the unmistakable taste of Italy with the world.

Experience Italy wherever you may be
Ingredients sourced from southern Italy. Traditional recipes. An inviting ambience. These are the hallmarks of the authentic Ciao experience. Enjoy!

Say 'Hello' to and irresistable opportunity
Get a slice of the F&B pie. Join us as a franchise holder. We supply specialised equipment, branded merchandising, advertising materials, and staff training, so you can get started with ease.